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about me


hi, i'm fiona

and i'm not a film buff

I am, however, a film enthusiast.


One of my favorite ways to spend a sleepy Sunday afternoon is to retreat into the cool recesses of my local movie theater with a bag of popcorn and an open mind. I'm equally happy to do this at home, too. Just replace 'local movie theater' with 'sofa' and 'bag' with 'bowl' to describe my typical couch potato Sunday. 

I don't like to call myself a film buff, because I don't think my movie taste is traditionally 'good,' or 'high brow.' Sure, I love a wacky A24 movie, but I also love to zone out in front of a rom-com. No matter what I'm watching, though, I really love to share my take on whatever shows up on the screen.

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